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We start of by measuring the pool to the clients requirements. Then we start digging the pool by hand as to ensure maximum accuracy of depth and also as not to damage the pool side walls. Note the sandbags as we level the swimming pool.

After the pool have been dug we insert the reinforced steel. We use ref100 sheets as to hold the concrete and Y10 steel rods.

Now we put the concrete in the swimming pool. This is the single most important part of your pool! We use Ready-mix concrete if the site have clear access.

Next up is the copings and mosaics. Important note is to keep everything levelled . At this stage we also plaster the pool and insert the pool light and aim flows (jets)

Now we install the filter system consisting of the weir, piping, pump, multiport, sand filter, DB Box and aim flows all covered in a pool box.

Now we seal your pool with a slurry of bonding liquid and marbelite. Finally we can Marbelite the pool. Note this must be done in one day.

The day after we marbelite we start filling the pool with water as to avoid cracking. We laid the paving and installed a swimming pool safety net.


And the pool is DONE!.




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