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We start by removing all the water from the pool. Then by means of hammer and chisel we remove the old marbelite. We need to see the concrete shell as to repair any cracks and not just cover it up again. The old marbelite is removed as rubble.

Should we find any structural cracks we repair it by means of removing some of the old concrete† along the crack. Then we insert new steel reinforcing. Just like a giant staple preventing further cracking We then close with new concrete.

We now seal the pool with a slurry mixture of marbelite and bonding liquid to ensure the new marbelite binds to the walls. This slurry must dry for 24 hours. Avoiding rain and wind we start to marbelite. This process must be completed in one day.We mix the marbelite inside the pool according to the manufacturers specification. Marbelite is applied and left to settle and dry. We then smooth until a satisfactory appearance is achieved. Leave to dry overnight.

The following day we polish the pool and fill any cracks that appeared. We then start to fill the pool. Donít add acid or your creepy-crawly for at least 3 weeks to let the marbelite cure.†


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