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Safety Nets

We Supply and Install Swimming Pool Safety Nets.
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All our Swimming Pool Safety Nets are manufactured from Super Strong High Density Polyethylene braid; specially U.V treated to withstand the harsh South African climatic conditions & resistant against pool chemicals. It has a breaking strain of 160kg!!; Our Swimming Pool Safety Nets have a life expectancy of app 15 years. The mesh size we use are 10cm x 10cm squares and is small enough to keep a babyís head from the water, but large enough to prevent crawling or walking on the net. This size has been proven to be the safest for babies and toddlers. Our fitted net includes stainless steel plates and hooks; one or  two floats depending on size and/or need, 11 pulleys and tensioner ropes. Our Safety Nets are Custom fitted† to your pool, laced and heat sealed!† Colours vary from† Blue to Black.

A 3 Year No Nonsense Warranty applies!!

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